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About Us

Planet Magazine is a platform to convey the top stories of the world to the like minded audience. We publish the content about this planet that readers love to read. We not only publish the current scenarios of the world but also the history & culture of the world and its different regions.

We Are Presenting a Different Outlook of the Planet

Our platform is using different lenses to view the planet, and we are publishing the content regarding all those lenses such as;

Our audience can find the interesting  content regarding all the above mentioned categories under the umbrella of our platform “Planet Magazine” 

Why the Name “Planet Magazine”

we want to present a holistic view of this planet. We publish the content under different categories and that content is ultimately related to our planet. From History to top stories, From Culture to Fashion, From Technology to Health and From Tourism to Lifestyle, every category revolve around our planet. 

Our purpose is to keep our audience update regarding the happenings round the planet. we can not do it alone, come and join us to share the interesting content regarding this beautiful planet. 




Team PlanetMag

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