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15 Best Things to do at home During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown

Things to Do At Home During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown

The upshot of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) has certainly upset the scheduled life of one and all. Though it has caused the termination of some key events, closing of schools/colleges, and gravely affected the travel plans. But we still need to thank Almighty God that it is not life-threatening to most of us.

Alongside a few difficulties, CORONAVIRUS is offering a gift of time for the manifestation of the future. It may be a surreal experience, however; we have to believe that this quarantine time is an opportunity to decide a way forward in life and off course finding you in yourself.

 According to psychologists, growth opportunities arise whenever we are forced out of our routine and habits. The act of effectively embracing the change produces psychological flexibility, which is a significant factor in good mental health.

What to do at Home During COVID-19 Lockdown?

How to spend time at home during COVID-19 lockdown is a billion-dollar question and I am going to answer you, so be with me till the end. I recommend you not to waste your time during your self-quarantine, over CORONAVIRUS news or scrolling through social media. Rather this is to elucidate what is significant in your life and how to get yourself ready to move on after evaporation of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) to become stronger, calmer and clearer than ever before.

Furthermore, this free time isn’t boring, until you yourself made it. It isn’t essential that you don’t socialize or party during this isolation period. In the next few paragraphs, I will narrate how you can utilize your isolation time for benefit as well as you can still party and socialized under quarantine restrictions.

15 Best Things To Do At Home During COVID 19 Lockdown

No one of us had ever experienced this sort of pausing to life ever. It is a mighty reminder from nature and it can be a turning point in our lives if we give ourselves time to absorb the lessons of this experience. Here is a list of 15 best things to do at home during Lockdown;

Spend some time with family

Family time is a significant effect on acquiring a hefty relationship between husband/wife and parents/children. If you think that you have neglected it, this is the time to enjoy this luxury.

Re-form your approach towards your loved ones

Think of your relations to people attached to you other than your family. Your neighbors, subordinates, class fellows, friends, and siblings all are your responsibility up to some extent. You have the time now to feel and restructure your policies towards them.

Develop a sense of gratitude

The aspect of grave disease reminds us to be grateful for our wellness and other blessings of God. Watching/listening news regarding sickness of many and the demise of a few people around us is a wakeup call for our gratitude. Take the opportunity of free time and say thanks to God and all of those who played a role in making your life colored.

Time to start a local business

Recognized vendors are struggling to meet their online shopping orders these days. So, it’s a perfect opportunity to start a limited business like food delivery services i.e. homemade food products, poultry, meat, vegetables, fruits, pantry goods, dairy products and so on.

Learn a new language

Android or PC base apps have opened a new gate for learning. A lot of apps are offering free help to learn a language. Download one of them and spend 30 to 45 minutes a day teaching yourself how to speak Chinese, Japanese, French or as per your liking.

Call for the virtual gathering

Gather a few of your friends on a video call. Everybody to make a dish of his/her own. Gather on a virtual dining table and enjoy virtual dinner, no one had it before.

Arrange virtual pub quiz

Pubs may be the most missing thing in the USA today. Ask your friends for a virtual pub quiz, where anyone can ask the question over a video call via any social page. Prizes can be offered to winners.

Are you missing movie nights with friends

Lockdown restrictions have definitely disentitled us to enjoy the weekends with friends at theatres or cinemas. Download a movie and put it on the air for your friends via the social media group. Chat during the film and arrange popcorns / soft drinks to zest the fun.   

Light up your night with virtual musical concerts

A few of the pop stars have started launching their own virtual concerts. Similarly, virtual concerts could be launched for friends, classmates, and co-workers, where a local or a famous singer can be invited.

Do not miss out on work out

Gymnasiums are closed all over the planet due to the ongoing scenario. However, few of them have started online classes. Join any of them or get online work out guide and try it at home with your children and spouse.

Books will prove to be the best friends

Reading inflates your knowledge and keeps you up to date with new evolutions in your field. However, reading books may not be a habit for all of us. Spend your free time for learning. It will help you professionally and personally. Create your reading list and go back to it daily at least for two hours.

Write blogs / Tweets is a real fun

Everyone can’t be Shakespeare, but it doesn’t mean that you should not write. If you think you can write, try writing blogs, tweets or articles. Try it for fun, it will hone your writing proficiency and foster your creativity.

Take a course of your choice

Many high profile institutions are offering online courses. Look out for one apropos your field or your likings. You can also search for off-field courses like cooking, parenting, gardening, etc.

Be ready to volunteer yourself

Check volunteering opportunities at your city and share your time, skills, and knowledge with organizations that need it. You may find one you will be able to contribute through.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown
Things to Do At Home During COVID-19 Lockdown

 Stay Home, Stay safe:

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Monitor your health and do practice social distancing. Wash your hands often, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose. Avoid traveling and contact with sick people. Wishing you a safe and healthy life during and after CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) epidemic wave.

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