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The 10 Best Things to do in Seoul South Korea

Best Things to do in Seoul South Korea

The most fashionable capital in Asia, Seoul, embodies the absolute modernity that the world envies. Its keen sense of experimental architecture, its connected shopping centers, and its surging K-Pop wave have taken the Korean megalopolis to the summit of glory. We have created a list of 10 Best Things to do in Seoul South Korea.

10 Best Things to do in Seoul South Korea

1. Visit the past at Dongdaemun Historical Cultural Park

things to do in seoul korea
Dongdaemun Historical Cultural Park

Do you want to travel back in time? You should go to Dongdaemun Cultural and Historical Park. You can get a glimpse of the famous building “Dongdaemun design Plaza.” Designed by Zaha Hadid, this building looks like a vast silver spaceship that would have landed in the center of this bustling district of Seoul.

You can also visit a theme park with the ruins of a military camp dating from the choson dynasty. Finally, you can stroll along the ancient wall that once protected the fortified city.

2. Visit a market in Seoul

Which markets to visit in Seoul? There are many in the capital, but some are more to see than others.

The medicinal herbs market

best things to do in seoul
The medicinal herbs market

Are you looking for a market to see in Seoul? Stimulate your five senses at the Seoul Herbal Market. You will be able to watch and smell all kinds of traditional “medicines” sold on the various stands of the market

Noryangjin fish market

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Noryangjin fish market

This huge wholesale market is one of the largest markets in Korea and is around 80 years old.

Gwangjang market

This traditional market offers around 5000 stores and independent sellers who sell everything from silk to satin, passing by the hanbok (traditional Korean costume) of very good quality.

3. Relive a battle at the Korean War Memorial Museum

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Korean War Memorial Museum

The country was devastated during the civil war and is still today – technically speaking – at war with North Korea. To learn all about the history of the Korean War through the ages, it is best to visit the Korean War Memorial Museum. This museum offers many highlights such as a cinema where you can witness an aerial attack of F-15K in 3D.

4. Visit the temple of Bongeunsa

best things to do in seoul
temple of Bongeunsa

Not sure what things to do in Seoul? Visit to Bongeunsa Temple, a temple located in the middle of the skyscrapers of Gangnam – one of the central business districts of Seoul. Do not hesitate to subscribe to the “The Temple Life experience” program to be introduced to Buddhist culture.

5. How about testing a Korean spa in Seoul?

things to do in seoul south korea
Korean spa in Seoul

Yes, you heard right: get a full body scrub in one of the many Korea’s bathhouses in Seoul. Once the exfoliation is finished, make the most of the various facilities in your “Bathhouse” such as saunas, medicinal baths, whirlpools, etc.

6. Live like a king at Gyeongbukgung Palace

things to do in seoul korea
Gyeongbukgung Palace

What things to do in Seoul if not visit its palaces? The city has five. The largest of them, the Gyeongbukgung offers you an exciting and free clothing experience: being able to wear the traditional royal costume. Take your time to explore this magnificent palace and its gardens at your own pace!

7. Seoul Tower

things to do in seoul
Seoul Tower

Seeing the city from above makes one realize the immenseness of this city. The beauty of its mountains in the north protecting the town from the plains gives it that touch of nature and freshness that all towns should have. From the Seoul Tower, the views are spectacular, try to catch a bright day.

8. Shopping in Seoul: Myeongdong

best things to do in seoul
Shopping in Seoul, Myeongdong

If you are a shopaholic, search for Korean cosmetics and trendy products among the neon lights of Myeongdong, Seoul’s central shopping district. If you are looking for new flavors, do not hesitate to try street food in one of the many stalls that line the streets.

9. Walk Around the Han River Park

best things to do in seoul
the Han River Park

The various parks on the Han River offer activities for all ages and tastes. The many playgrounds and lawns appeal to families with young children, while bicycle rental, duck boat rental, and other services are more attractive to couples.

10. Take a Tour of One of the Many Museums in Seoul

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Museums in Seoul – Best Things to do in Seoul South Korea

Don’t you know which museum to visit among the many in Seoul? Here we have listed the on the best museums to go.

  • Trick Eye Museum 
  • Kyungin Fine Arts Museum
  • Leeum Museum, Samsung

I hope you will enjoy this list of things to do in Seoul.

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