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15 Best Things to do in Shanghai China

15 Best Things to do in Shanghai China

what to do in shanghai?

Even 15 or 20 years ago, Shanghai seemed almost abandoned, frozen in the past and outdated century. But today, it is a city in full expansion, in full explosion where buildings and skyscrapers seem to emerge from the earth day after day. But, what to do in Shanghai? To help you get organized upstream, we have listed the 15 Best Things to do in Shanghai China.

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15 Best Things to do in Shanghai China

1. Shanghai Tower

Best Things to do in Shanghai
Shanghai Tower

In the Pudong business district in the north of the city, all around the Lujiazui metro, all the towers of the city meet. Especially the Shanghai Tower. It’s nice to go there to enjoy a breathtaking view of Shanghai.

Either on a rooftop on one of the adjoining towers, often luxury hotels or drinking cocktails, or in the observatory of the Shanghai Tower with a glass floor.

2. Yuyan Garden

Things to do in Shanghai
Yuyan Garden

The Yuyuan Garden is a magnificent garden where you can both admire magnificent temples and go shopping in shops with typical architecture. Try not to go there during the day because it will be full of people.

3. Nanjing Road

Things to do in Shanghai China
Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is a pedestrian road where you can do the shopping and above all taste a whole bunch of Chinese specialties. Including dried and caramelized pork, quite particular on the palate to be tested. There are plenty of restaurants all along, all cuisines combined.

4. Peoples park

Best Things to do in Shanghai
Peoples park

People’s Park is a very peaceful and super relaxed park where the locals meet to play sports, or even dance and sing. I had the pleasure of learning a “slow dance” with a club for the elderly. It was a unique experience. The goal is to dance very slowly to music and let our bodies express its emotions as slowly as possible.

5. Former French Concession and Huaihai Road

Things to do in Shanghai
Former French Concession and Huaihai Road

This is where you should choose to reside during your stay in Shanghai. Both because it is a central area but also very pleasant to live in. We can compare it a little to the Marais district in Paris.

You will find lots of typical small shops and Chinese restaurants on every street corner as well as excellent bars. Not far from the old French concession is Huaihai Road, the main shopping avenue in the city where all brands rub shoulders.

6. The Bund

Things to do in Shanghai
The Bund

Wondering what things to do in shanghai? Enjoy a stroll along the Huangpu River at the end of the day to admire the sunset and the buildings of Pudong on the Bund.

7. Taikang Road

What to do in Shanghai?
Taikang Road

Near the Dongqiao metro, there is the small district of Taikang Road. Small covered shopping streets, very charming and very touristy. In this district, you can meet people around a beer, tourists and Chinese who speak English rub shoulders. You must add this to your list of things to do in shanghai.

8. Jing‘an District

Things to do in Shanghai
Jing‘an District

You will find a beautiful temple to visit the Jing‘an Temple. And you can get lost in the surrounding streets, more residential and quieter but very typical to blend into the reality of life in Shanghai.

9. Xujiahui

Things to do in Shanghai

In this district, you will find the Shanghai electronic market. Right in front of the Xuijahui metro exit. You have a sizeable 4-story mall where you will find everything you need in terms of electronics: telephone, computer, accessories. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the prices!

10. The Xintiandi District

Things to do in Shanghai
The Xintiandi District

The trendy district of Shanghai where you can eat and have a drink at the end of the day. All the Chinese go there to enjoy after work.

11. Longhua Temple

Things to do in Shanghai China
Longhua Temple

The Longhua Park, south of Shanghai, is known for its temple and pagoda. It was destroyed many times and rebuilt in the Qing dynasty.

Near the entrance of the temple, you can see and even ring the bronze bell, which weighs no less than 3 tones. It is she who strikes the 12 strokes of midnight for the new year.

12. Visit a “water town.”

Things to do in Shanghai
Water Town

On the outskirts of Shanghai, you can visit so-called “water towns”. These towns and villages with traditional Chinese architecture are renowned for the canals that cross them. Here is the list of the most famous:

  • Suzhou
  • Xitang Water Town
  • Qibao Ancient Town.
  • Zhouzhuang Water Town
  • Zhujiajiao Water Town
  • Xinchang Ancient Town
  • Tongli Water Town
  • Luzhi Ancient Town
  • Nanxun Ancient Town
  • Wuzhen Water Town

13. Shanghai Circus World

Best Things to do in Shanghai
Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Circus is one of the important things to do in Shanghai. It is a permanent circus located in the Zhabei district, in the north of Shanghai. The Shanghai Circus World is distinguished by the quality of the shows on offer. But also by its architecture with its massive golden dome which houses a hall that can accommodate more than 1600 people.

14. Take a boat trip on the Huangpu River

What to do in Shanghai?
Huangpu River

The Huangpu River is the longest river that flows through Shanghai. It divides the city into two parts. Pudong is in the east and Puxi in the west.

You can discover Shanghai in an original and fun way by taking a cruise on this river. Several cruises are possible. Cruise ships offer a free spectacle on the bridges that straddle the Huangpu River.

15. Tianzi Fang, the art district of Shanghai

Things to do in Shanghai
Tianzi Fang, the art district of Shanghai

The atypical neighborhood, Tianzi Fang is a place that is modern, artistic and ordinary. There are many artist studios, specialty shops, and outdoor restaurants. It is also here that you can discover the Shikumen (old houses) among the best preserved in Shanghai.

This could be your one of the last things to do in shanghai. During your visit, stroll through the small alleys and admire these houses dating from 1930.

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