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The 10 best things to do in Prague

Best Things to do in Prague

Capital of the Czech Republic, fascinatingly gothic and mysterious. A little magical city on horseback between past and present. An open-air museum that hides surprises in every corner. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and will make you fall in love. Welcome to Prague!

Prepare your trip to the Czech capital and discover a city where art, history, and architecture go hand in hand. you can find so many things to do in Prague that it would be impossible to condense them all into one space. But as you had to start somewhere.

The 10 best things to do in Prague

So, get ready for Czech capital, Prague must see art, history, and architecture which go hand in hand. Enjoy the top best things to do in Prague, So many places to visit in Prague. Tourist loves best Prague attractions. Here are the 10 best things to do in Prague;

1. Astronomical Clock

The 10 best things to do in Prague

This wonder of engineering is much more than a simplistic clock that provides seconds, minutes, and hours. It is a real work of art created in the early fifteenth century, and its vibrant colors continue to make it stand out on the tower in which it is placed.

Its mechanism is formed by three quadrants on which the position of the sun and the moon can be observed. In addition to some adorable figures representing the 12 apostles and the months of the year. The four statues on the sides symbolize capital sins and come alive when they give the hours.

2. Staré Mesto

The 10 best things to do in Prague

The actual “Old City,” an old neighborhood that has welcomed travelers from all over the world in search of fortune over the centuries. Now it is a maze of tiny streets and alleys full of churches and squares (among which is the astronomical clock) perfect to wander with the lost look.

 At the same time, you are guided by the fascination of the palaces and the timeless atmosphere that reigns everywhere. Finish your tour with a walk along the river, before staying again in one of the most beautiful hostels on the international scene. Visiting Staré Mesto is one of the things you must to do in Prague.

3. The Castle

The 10 best things to do in Prague
The Castle

The castle in Prague is one of the most popular and gorgeous places to visit. Although calling it merely «castle» falls short. Because this vast complex that dominates the city is considered the most massive fortress in the world and houses inside many attractions that you cannot miss.

 One of the most prominent is the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral. A Gothic marvel that stands out on all the rooftops for almost a millennium and that has inside an impressive set of stained glass windows decorated by the great Czech artist Alfons Mucha.

 And don’t forget to write down your list of 10 things to do in Prague a few hours in the galleries of ancient and modern art in the area.

4. Charles Bridge

best things to do in prague

This stone bridge decorated with 30 baroque statues, links the two central districts of the city since the mid-fourteenth century and is still in great shape. At the edge of the Charles bridge on the side of Staré Mesto take a look at the right parapet and look for a head-shaped stone known as “the bearded man.”

In history, when the river’s water topped this end, the citizens of Prague understood that it was time to escape to the hills to evade frequent flooding.

5. Malá Strana

The 10 best things to do in Prague
Malá Strana

Over the ages, this region of Prague has greeted immigrants, nobles, and new bourgeois in a mix-up of customs and beliefs, that have resulted in the presence of a variety of areas to visit that show a unique architecture. The pearl that you cannot miss in your visit to Malá Strana is the Church of St. Nicholas. An immense Baroque masterpiece is full of frescoes and sculptures.

6. Petrin Tower

The 10 best things to do in Prague
Petrin Tower

From Malá Strana, take the old funicular and let yourself be carried to the top of this small mountain covered almost entirely with parks, making it one of the favorite places of the locals to relax. Here you will find the Petrin Tower, 63-meter high steel construction that looks like a small Eiffel Tower surrounded by trees and meadows.

If you feel fit, climb to its highest point along with the 299 steps, or you can also use the elevator. In any case, don’t miss the 360-degree panorama of Prague and its surroundings.

7. DOX – Center for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design

things to do in Prague
DOX – Center for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design

This beautiful private museum has been erected in one of the places to visit in Prague for two reasons. In the first place, for its exhibitions that have nothing to envy to those of the great galleries and international museums.

And secondly, for the building, an old factory of the early twentieth century that thanks to the work of some great architects have become a cutting-edge site. After having admired the actions of the artists, please take a tour of their design objects store or the bookstore, or relax on the terrace of their bar.

8. Dancing House

things to do in Prague
Dancing House

This particular building will easily catch your attention. At the same time, you take a walk along the river. At the time of its construction, between 1992 and 1996, it was the subject of many controversies due to the scarce “coherence” of its appearance with the baroque and art nouveau palaces that surround it.

In the end, however, Fred and Ginger have become an icon and part of the city’s urban identity. Luckily, because it is a real visual spectacle.

9. Cemeteries of Olsany and Vysehrad

The 10 best things to do in Prague
Cemeteries of Olsany and Vysehrad

In an old and mysterious city like Prague, one of the things to do is roam its cemeteries. In Prague, there are several cemeteries. But we are going to recommend two that you have to visit in your Czech getaway. Olsany, the largest, is an actual outdoor sculpture gallery thanks to the beautiful art nouveau statues that fill the space.

And Vysehrad, which houses the tombs of many famous people, including composer Dvorak and visionary artist Alfons Mucha. Leave the melancholy at home and approach these two cemeteries in search of peace and serenity.

10. Hebrew Museum

The 10 best things to do in Prague
Hebrew Museum

The Hebrew Museum is a set of six monuments and historical places linked to the Hebrew culture, deeply rooted in the citizen fabric of Prague. They are all in the old quarter of Josefov, which owes its name to the emperor who, in 1781, abolished all discriminatory measures against the Jews.

The museum comprises four synagogues. A Romanesque building that was initially dedicated to ceremonies and today hosts exhibitions linked to the history of the Jews, and a cemetery. Discover this part of the history of Prague in the heart of the city. It will steal your heart.

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