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Devastating Impact of Social Media

Age of Digitization

In modern times the role of social media in our society has increased intensively. Some year back, there was only one media platform, and we had no other option to confirm the news or event. Today we check the same information from social media, and most of the time, it is another way round. The age of digitization has changed our lives so harshly that we cannot avoid its negative role in our society or even in our personal life, although we know the true picture.

In this article, I am going to discuss the good and bad factors of the digital world. The table of the content will be as follows:

  • 1. Social media Polarization
  • 2. Social media stabbing
  • 3. The psychological effect of social media
  • 4. Advantages of Social media
  • 5. Social Media and Social Norms
  • 6. Conclusion

Social media Polarization

The new generation of our times has enormous reach to social media, which creates polarization. People divide into groups, that groups turn into parties and a leader who claims to head that particular group. 

Let’s discuss the social media leader’s education and abilities; social media group leaders must own a good smartphone that supports the fastest internet speed. The true leader makes his own Facebook page and posts relative content regularly. The person should have the same type of group on WhatsApp, and most importantly, on Twitter as it is the hub to the elite class checklist.

Now, what is left? Someone who patronizes the group leader, a political leader, a religious leader, a business class elite, or it may be a leader of any sports activity. We see that all these people are dependent on social media and the activist. Any of the fields, as mentioned earlier, or there are thousands other cannot sustain their power without social media good exposure.

Why the social media polarization has such sharp edges? 

The social media activist does not need to be a well-educated person, although his target audience is educated. If a person whose knowledge is limited in religion, politics, journalism, or business, he will not think for a moment to post his opinion. That’s exactly is the demand of a patronizer. He does so because he is the owner of a phone and nobody pays his internet bills. The person who will disagree with him will be blocked there and then from all social media platforms.

I stopped here and thought how the arguments would have ended if the two persons faced each other in real life. Indeed, the situation would have been different; they would have listened to each other patiently, and mutual respect must be maintained. They would have disagreed logically; above all, they would have started a discussion if they have considerable knowledge of the topic.

So, I am correct to say social media polarization divides our society for our limitations of knowledge.

Social media Polarization
Control master of social media

Who is taking advantage?

It comes to mind that one person in our society disagreed with the other, and a dispute was raised so high that everybody got damaged. Who gets the profit, and who loses? Because it is natural when one loses other gains.

Elite class always used the masses; there is no difference here; let’s start from the beginning. 

Phone users; A loser who could not get proper education due to fewer facilities because of funds corruption from his patronizer. 

The phone company, which never demands your education; here, your payment matters only, whether you are paying complete or on installments, you are welcome here warmly. 

Internet company will provide you with the fastest service when you pay the total amount of charges. 

Social media application; social media app builders will get their reward when you use the app.

Patronizer; your patronizer’s ideas will flourish, and he will achieve his goal by using you. 

Reread the list above and search for the only loser who lost on every step of the social and economic forum.

Social media stabbing

Social media stabbing is a rising trend in our general public. The media forums are used for positive as well as negative purposes. If I disagree with my political opponent’s narrative, I’m afraid I can’t agree with him at any forum. I would not like him in the sports ground, not at a religious ceremony, not at a marriage party, and even not in the bar. Yes, one thing I will do against him; I will note his negative attitude everywhere, and after the addition of necessary data that befit me, I will post it on social media forums.

Disagreeing with opponents on social media is a natural phenomenon, but a logical answer by acknowledging the other person’s views can build social harmony among the people of different thoughts.

Psychological Effect of Social Media

The psychological effect of social media has tightened its grip on the youth all over the world. When a friend of mine gives positive feedback on my post, I feel happy; if he commented with a beautiful emoji, my heart opens up with love and respect for him. I feel satisfied when someone likes my post, and it is a matter of great reverence when a person shares my post, which means he thinks what I think and does what I wish to do. 

The next stage starts when you give no feedback on my post, no like, no comment, and no sharing; you are a boring person who has no interest in social activity. After this, you are enlisted as a person of no aesthetic norms.

Behold; there is another label for you, after which social media blocking is your destiny. I shared a post on social media, and I am sure about it as a friend of mine sent it to me, and you disagreed. How dare you; you are not a person who can remain in the geniuses group; I am blocking you right now; goodbye.

With this one comment, the social media ties ended forever. 

I blocked a person and felt a sigh of relief, still feeling tense, and the person who is blocked is astonished why blocked him.

The fake social capital of likes and dislikes affects us psychologically to an extent. All this is happening most of the time because we don’t know the other people and don’t bother to see the reason. 

We cannot leave social media activities at any time; our good mornings, good evenings are with social media, and we cannot leave it in-between. Social media squeezes our youth in its jaws so tightly that the young gentleman cannot turn his head without prior permission.

It is a fact that social media presents one picture of our society, but it hides more at the same time. 

Psychological Effect of Social Media
Psychological Effect of Social Media leads to stress

Social media life is far from real life, where we cannot block our opponent, friend, or relative. We have to face everyone with patience; instant response in real life may lead to physical or economic loss. 

The digital world of social media has shortened our temperament; the response rate is quicker with a significant margin of error, affecting us psychologically for no reason.

I love to fulfill one desire: I am appealing to people to see, to like, to comment, and to share my post according to my desire. 

  • Is it the point where I have become mentally sick?
  • What if nobody agrees with me in the whole world?
  • Is it social media platform due to which I lost my confidence?
  • Why am I looking toward unknown people to like me?
  • Why am I ready to give them back an equally good response?

All of this is happening in our social media-affected society, where I can’t live happily without fake responses.

Advantages of Social media

The advantages of social media are far more than expectations if it is used in a positive direction. All the social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and many other regional social platforms are nowadays a source of knowledge, news, social disputes, latest events, and above all, monetization.

You can share the latest updates on social media and can defend your narrative. You have access to your leaders and can get feedback from them. 

In the social media world, you are your master. What you say is true for sure if you don’t allow others to intervene.

Strong social relations
Strong social relations

Social media’s positive role in our society provides us with a chance to interact with the highest eligible people worldwide and productively discuss world-leading matters. 

Social media has tightened its grip around us wherever we go, from individual to state-level; all matters are discussed through social media. 

Social Media Monetization

Social media monetization can convert your ideas and popularity into a huge amount of revenue if you are using it with a particular intent and has a vote bank of people in followers’ shape.

Some people are dependent on social media monetization and are busy 24/7 to boost up their intent.

We indeed take advantage here, but the social media and digital world revenues stumble in a moment when someone lost its Id. 

Does Social Media Have A Positive Impact on Society?

Social media has a powerful impact on our society, and it affects the youth most. The positive side of social media can play a positive role in building our community.

It is a matter that social media leaves negative and positive impressions on human behavior in our society. We need to educate our youth on the usage of social media to get fruitful results.

Social Media Positive Statistics

Social media positive statistics are, unfortunately, very low. Indeed, it is a great benefit of social media that; we reach out to the people who were out of the general public’s dreams. You are free to share an opinion on national and international issues and can build social relations with an ideal personality.

A positive built social media forum helps people to know the problems and solutions for each other. Social media jobs help people to earn bounty when there is no other source of income. Students can share their thoughts on social media for a better understanding of a particular topic. Business deals and ideas sharing on social media is a positive perspective of modern times.

If used positively, social media may help you build good relations and bring you mental satisfaction.

social media monetization

Social Media and Social Norms

There was a time when I could remember the phone numbers of my friends, family members, and even I could claim the number that my friend forgot and tell him exactly. As time passed, I started to forget all the memorable things on my fingertips some years back. I could not remember my 10th standard marks with complete details, and I don’t know how many of my classmates could not appear in the final exams. I couldn’t give a complete description of my childhood memories, as it was an exciting topic for me in the past year. I don’t know where I lost my memory; I am a person who was called a “baba” (an old man) in my childhood for memorizing every detail of an event even after years.

  • Have I lost my memory?
  • Who is responsible for the loss of my memory?
  • Why am I unable to memorize the past? 
  • Why is my past a blur now, which was crystal clear before ten years?
  • Why don’t I bother to put aside my mobile phone while dining?
  • Have we lost our social norms?

Social media played a big role in converting my social norms; I feel I was more intelligent before social media and digital world invention as I started to depend on my gadgets than my mind. I feel I was more religious before social media, more obedient to elders before social media, more creative before social media. 

Today, somebody is driving me; at times, I want to get rid of the digital world, but it holds me back the next second to complete the last task.


I want to apologize to the people whom I hurt with my ideas. The idea to make such a post is 100% personal; anybody can disagree, and the critique will be open-heartedly accepted.

 The social media in our young generation’s hands is not less than explosive; unless we educate them on social media’s function and benefits in a well-organized society. 

Social media is meant to be used for a positive role in society, and it is possible only through trained human resources.

We live in the latest technology era, and unfortunately, we cannot handle its role. 

Just give me a second and ponder on it; 100 years back, “west” was the inventor of the latest machinery and the “east” was a consumer for all inventions, “west” knew to handle, and east was learning to use and the time came and technology upgrade. 

“West” is again inventor, and “east” is buyer again, but this time situation is tougher to handle; eastern people buy the smartphone, whether Android or iPhone but could not manage to learn its complete features. Above all, the learned and educated people of the “East” shifted themselves to the west, claiming that; they are unfit in eastern society. 

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