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7 Best Things about Diverse Culture of Pakistan

Rich Culture Of Pakistan

Pakistan has a rich and diverse culture, intertwined with the broader Islamic and sub-continent culture. The unique thing about the Culture of Pakistan is its unity in diversity. There are many ethnic groups and sub-cultures in the four provinces of Pakistan. All these sub-groups belong to the broader culture of Pakistan. Let us give you a quick Glimpse at the Diverse Culture of Pakistan.

Cultural Heritage of Pakistan - Pakistani culture
Cultural Heritage of Pakistan

The lifestyle of People of Pakistan

The lifestyle of people living in Pakistan varies from province to province. As every province has its own unique sub-culture, therefore people live according to that culture. The province of Punjab has Punjabi culture, the oldest and richest sub-culture of Pakistan. They speak Punjabi language and have different casts. They love to hear music and eat Desi food. The Sindh province has Sindhi culture. They live a simple life. They wear loose Shalwar Kameez and they love to wear “Sindhi Topi” and “Sindhi Ajrak”.

Pakistani Cultural Heritage
Pakistani Lifestyle (Sindh)

Apart from Ajrak and Topi, Sindhi folk music is a vital part of Sindhi culture. Sufi music of Sindhi artists is famous not only in Pakistan but in the whole Sub-continent. In addition to Punjab and Sindh, Balochistan and KPK also have rich cultures. People of these two provinces are generally tribal and conservatives. Dry fruits from these provinces are famous in the world. In foods, Balochi Saji, roasted lamb and mutton are some famous dishes of these provinces. The People of these provinces are hard-working and live a simple life.

Apart from having four provinces, Pakistan has a clear rural, urban divide and people adopt a specific lifestyle on the basis of this divide. The people living in rural areas, live a simple life and they mostly depend on agriculture for their living, but the people living in urban areas adopt the modern way of living and they do jobs and business to earn the living.

Desi Food of Pakistan

Food is an important ingredient to add richness to any culture and Pakistani culture has a lot of variety to offer. Desi foods of Pakistan are not the only favorites of the local people, but they are liked by foreign tourists as well. The list of Desi food is too long, but here are a few of these include; Biryani, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kabab, Channa Chaat, Alu Keema, Samosa, Sajji, Haleem, Halva Pori, Nihari and Kheer. The unique demography of Pakistan that ranges from mountains to plains and from deserts to green valleys, creates a unique taste and variety of desi food.

 Desi Foods of Pakistan, Cultural diversity, Pakistani Culture, culture of Pakistan
Desi Foods of Pakistan

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Cultural Dresses of Pakistan

The Dress is considered to be the identity of any nation. Though Pakistani culture has many traditional and cultural dresses, Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. Males carry  Shalwar Kameez in light colors, while females wear colorful dresses. Embroidered and printed dresses are liked by females in Pakistan. In addition to it, every province has its own unique and beautiful cultural dresses.

Cultural Dresses of Pakistan,Cultural diversity, Pakistani Culture, culture of Pakistan
Cultural Dresses of Pakistan

Weddings in Pakistan

Most of the population of Pakistan is Muslim and they follow the Islamic concept of “Nikaah” in marriages. Apart from the Nikah ceremony, Pakistani weddings have Dholki, Mehndi, Baraat, and Walima. The bride usually wears heavy dresses of bright colors while the groom wears “Sherwani” at their wedding ceremony, Weddings here are considered as family functions and the whole family enjoys and celebrate the event.

Weddings in Pakistan, Cultural diversity, Pakistani Culture, culture of Pakistan
Weddings in Pakistan

Art and Literature of Pakistan

Art and literature are the essential pillars of any culture and Pakistan are rich in art and literature. In art, you can see the features of  Mughal architecture, Persian and Arab art are visible in Pakistani art. “Truck art” is a unique art in Pakistan. However, calligraphy and paintings are also famous arts in Pakistan, Sadequain, Abdur Rehman Chughtai, Jamil Naqsh are a few from the list of famous Pakistani artists. In the field of art, performing arts of Pakistani culture, are also unique and beautiful, Drama, theater, and movie are the mediums of performing arts. Moreover, Pakistani dramas are considered as one of the best dramas in Asia and the Sub-continent.

Truck Art of Pakistan

Truck Art of Pakistan Cultural diversity, Pakistani Culture, culture of Pakistan, cultural diversity
Truck Art of Pakistan

Pakistan is rich in literature too, and we produced masterpieces in Urdu literature. Manto got worldwide fame from Urdu literature, Pakistani literature has masterpieces in fiction as well as in poetry.

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