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Color Trends 2020; Color Trends for Summer Outfits

Color Trends 2020

Colors add life to everything, and they enhance the beauty of everything. Colors have a deep impact on our mood as well. When it comes to designing a wardrobe, the color scheme becomes very important. What Colors are in style? What colors should I wear in summer? Here in “Color Trends 2020; Color Trends for Summer Outfits” we will give you the ideas about the colors for your summer outfits according to your skin tone and looks.

Usually, in summers, soft and light colors are preferred, but it is being suggested by the designers not to ignore the bright and bold colors for your summer outfits. Therefore, your summer wardrobe should have light as well as bright colors.

A Disclaimer; we are not promoting the beauty standards on the basis of skin tone, height and weight and we are not intended to create any discrimination on the basis of these differences. However, we are just suggesting the ideas in fashion sense  for the people having a different skin tone and looks.

Living Coral’s Color

Brighter than pink and softer than red is the color of living coral and it is a good color for summer outfits. This color is good for every skin tone.

Color Trends 2020


Pink color always remains in trends and it is a good idea to use this color in your summer outfits. You can try different color schemes and contrasts with pink as it is always trendy to wear a pink color. However, try floral and soft prints in pink. This color equally suits to the people of fair and dark skin tones. People who have short height and healthy looks should avoid floral prints and try to choose digital prints.

2020 color forecast fashion
Color Trends 2020

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Lime Green

Lime green will give freshness and softness to your summer outfits and it will enhance your look. It can be used in contrasts and prints with different colors. People with fair skin tone can try this color with the combination of other dark and bright colors such as bright pink and royal blue, but the people with relatively dark skin tone can try the combination of lime green with other soft colors such as soft pink and light yellow.

Earthy Tones and Golden Color

Earthy and gold colors are good options for your summer wardrobe. You can make a combination of both of these colors. Earthy tones will give a classic look while the gold color will give brightness to your outfit. As golden color will give a shimmery and bright look to your outfit therefore, it is suggested for the people of fair skin tone and good height.

However, people with relatively dark skin tone and short height could try these colors with other color combinations, block prints and digital prints will suit them


Though red is considered a color of fire and blood, a little bit red in your outfit can go a long way. You can make a blend of this sharp color with other soft colors and try it in your summer dresses. People with chubby looks should avoid wearing plain red as it will give a sharp look. However, they can try it in contrast with other light colors and in different prints.

Color Trends 2020 forecast fashion


White is a color generally associated with calmness and softness therefore, it is the best color for summer and suits everyone. Obviously it could be used in contrast with other colors.

summer colors 2020


Yellow color has many shades, it has bright as well as soft shades. In summers, light and soft shades of yellow are preferred. However, you may use its bright shade with any other light color or shade. People with fair skin tone can use its bright as well as soft shades, but light shade will suit to the people with dark skin tone.

Color schemes and ideas are important in wardrobe collection. However, always choose a color that looks good on you and give a complementary look to your overall personality.

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