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How to Pick a Perfect Job Interview Outfit

Job Interview Outfits

While going for a job interview, we often face the confusion of how to pick a perfect job interview outfit. We heard the advice over and over again; choose a perfect outfit for the job you want. But the question is how to pick a perfect job interview outfit. Here we will guide you about the outfit for your job interview keeping in mind fashion psychology.

Choosing the outfit for the interview is not about feeling safe and good during the interview, but it is the way of presenting yourself to your employers and your dressing sense counts matter a lot in your personality. Therefore, it is necessary to select the best outfit without spending much on shopping.

Suggested Job Interview Outfits for Women

  • Navy Blue blazer combination with a blouse or even with a dress. You can make a combination of navy blue with Khaki or white pant and a skirt.
  • Blouse with a bow and skirt.
  • Khaki blazer with a white shirt. You can pair it with a skirt or pant.
  • Black dress.
  • V-Neck Sweater with dark-colored Jeans.
  • Try some decent and light colors.
  • Light-colored Kurta and trouser.
  • Try some block and check prints.
  • If you carry a dupatta or scarf, set it properly so that it may not bother you during the interview.

Suggested Job Interview Outfit for Men

  • Light-colored jackets and pants.
  • Pair a sweater with a button-down. Pick some neutral colors such as brown, navy blue and black because they match with many shirt colors.
  • A navy blue blazer with a white shirt would give you a perfect look for the job interview.
  • select a statement tie. Avoid the ties that are too fleshy with bizarre prints.
  • Consider a textured blazer with a dress shirt and pants.

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Some General Guidelines to Follow

Don’t overthink and don’t try dress rehearsal

Don’t panic and don’t overthink your outfit. Most of the people wear what they have already worn on a similar occasion. However, we advise you to choose the outfit according to your mood on the day of the interview. A perfect outfit according to your mood will give you a perfect look.

However, don’t stick to the specific colors, as many people will advise you to wear black to convey a message of power, but what if you already feel dull on the interview day and black will make you feel down and dull.

Therefore, wake up in the morning on a specific day and select your dress according to your mood. If you feel dull and bore select some vibrant and bright color, but if you feel good and energetic wear light colors.

Dress up according to the nature of the interview

This is the most important thing to consider while picking the perfect outfit for the job interview. Understand the nature of the company and take a little know-how of the company’s dress code. Follow the theme of the dress code, however, don’t exactly copy the dress code of the company.

In addition to the dress code, the nature of the interview matters a lot. If you are going for a job of fashion designer, you would dress-up differently, however, if you are going for a job of admin officer you would dress up differently. Therefore, always understand the nature of the interview and the nature of the job.

Carry some Decent Accessory

A lot of people will advise you to be simple while going for an interview. However, we advise you to carry some decent accessories. That could be a tie, a brooch, glasses or some kind of light jewelry. That may catch the attention of the interviewer and he may have similar interests and it would lead to a good start and ultimately to a good interview.

Wear Good Perfume

Companies want to hire employees who look clean and disciplined and that means smelling good.  According to a survey, 90% of the people say they feel good when they wear their favorite perfume. Therefore, when you wear your favorite perfume you will be more confident and will present yourself in a better way. However, don’t choose something too strong a light and pleasant perfume will be just fine.

What not to Wear for a Job Interview

  • Don’t wear too much bright and fleshy colors and if you are wearing them in a combination with some light colors, keep the minimum.
  • Don’t choose a sharp and strong perfume. Wear some light and decent perfume.
  • Don’t wear headphones during the interview.
  • Don’t wear a T-Shirt and Jeans.
  • Be presentable, but don’t overdo your makeup.
  • Wear accessories, but keep the minimum.
  • If you are wearing accessories, don’t play with them and don’t touch them unnecessarily during the interview.
  • Don’t wear flip-flops in an interview.

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