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What is Cultural Diversity? Is it a Key to Peace and Harmony?

What is Cultural Diversity? Is it a Key to Peace and Harmony?

According to Wikipedia “What is Cultural Diversity?” Cultural Diversity is the variety of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole.

According to Google; ”Cultural Diversity is the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society.”

What is Cultural Diversity?

What is Cultural Diversity? Let us start finding the answer to this question from history. After the end of the cold war, a study was published and it advocated that people’s cultural and religious identities would be the cause of conflict in the future. Therefore, they attributed the conflict as the “Clash of Civilization”. In the post 9/11 scenario, the world has seen such types of conflicts and clashes among Radical Islam and western civilization.

The world has seen massive destruction and killings because of cultural intolerance and clash of civilization. It is a hard time to spread a message of Cultural Coexistence because it would bring peace and harmony in the world.  

We may have different Religions , languages and colors of skins But we all belong to one human race.

Peace and Harmony
Cultural Diversity; A Key to Peace and Harmony

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Cultural Diversity; A Key to Peace and Harmony

Everyone, being a part of the international community must know What is Cultural Diversity? and everyone should learn certain rules to promote cultural coexistence and tolerance in the world. What are those rules? Here is a list. 

  • Respect the MINORITIES in society.
  • Accept the REALITY that the world does not have a universal culture. 
  • Respect the DIFFERENCES among different cultures. 
  • Avoid JUDGMENTAL remarks about other cultures and religions.
  • EDUCATE your children about cultural tolerance and religious freedom. 
  • try to search COMMONALITIES among different cultures such as food, traditions, and norms.
  • Accept, God has created everyone FREE and they are free to follow their religion and culture. 
  • Learn that NO culture or religion promotes terrorism. 
  • Try to get FIRST-HAND knowledge about any culture or religion by studying the original and authentic sources and don’t study the MANIPULATED script. 
  • Learn that all people are created DIFFERENT and cultural diversity is natural, therefore RESPECT differences. 
  • Create a COUNTER NARRATIVE against the extremist actors of society. 
  • RESPECT the traditions, norms, values, rituals, and festivals of other cultures and religions. 
  • Learn that disagreement is a BEAUTY of discussion and it does not intend offense. 

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To make this planet a worth living place, everyone should learn and practice such rules. Cultural diversity is indeed the beauty of the world. Everyone is different and that’s the only commonality among them. The diversity of cultures in the world not only makes societies more robust and creative, but it also helps people to cope with the change. I hope this all has cleared the question of what is cultural diversity?

Cultural pluralism is there to promote peace and harmony among different cultures and not to create conflicts and wars. Therefore, the need of the hour is to encourage cultural diversity, cultural coexistence, and cultural tolerance to promote peace and harmony in society and the world.  

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