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Health Care and Nutrition Tips

Health Care and Nutrition Tips

Fitness is easy to achieve and maintain by following a healthy lifestyle, by following some Health Care and Nutrition tips. A healthy lifestyle is a blend of a balanced diet and exercise. However, people often follow the shortcuts and crash diets that led them to health issues and fitness problems.

Health Care and Nutrition Tips

If you are a beginner on the journey of fitness, here are some important tips for you.

  • Take all the important NUTRIENTS in a balanced proportion.
  • Take NATURAL sweets such as honey, dates and other fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Be serious about Health, Nutrition & Mental health
  • Avoid ARTIFICIAL sweeteners.
  • Avoid taking Refined Carbs.
  • Take NUTS as they have high nutrient value.
  • AVOID artificial trans fat.
  • Take healthy SNACKS such as roasted grams, dates, fruits, dry fruits.
  • Don’t eat too many CARBS at dinner.
  • Eat vegetables and white meat.
  • Drink unsweetened Milk, Tea, and Coffee.
  • Don’t set NON ACHIEVABLE goals in your fitness journey.
  • Prefer workout in the MORNING.
  • Always listen to your BODY need.
  • Don’t PANIC if your scale is not moving down.
  • Have enough SLEEP.

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