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Artificial Intelligence; Has Mankind Discovered his Replacement on the Planet?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in its preliminary phase and even in its early stages, it has developed several inventions that have been admired and appreciated by the world.  AI is doing miracles in many fields and it is being predicted that in the near future, computers with the human level of intelligence would play a major role in daily life and would shape the future course of civilization. Is Artificial Intelligence Mankind Replacement on the Planet? we’ll try to find facts about this question in the article

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Though the AI is considered a new discipline of Science, but the development in the discipline started in 1956, when the name of AI was furnished for the very first time. Over the period of time the AI has been evolved and got the shape of the field, where machines, especially computers possess the level of human intelligence and use different process such as reasoning, learning and self-correction to perform different tasks. John Mc Carthy being the father of Artificial Intelligence has defined AI as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

In short, AI stands to be a way of constructing a computer, a computer controlled robot and as well a software which would conceive intelligently, as same as the intelligent human thinks.

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Human’s Fear of Being Replaced by the Artificial Intelligence Technology

The development of AI brought many benefits for our lives, but the path of development is not risk free. However, two schools of thought exist in this regard. One is of the opinion that AI is making our lives better and it would create ease for us, but it would not replace human beings in different fields. The other school of thought thinks that no doubt AI is making our lives easier than before, but it would eventually replace us in different fields of life and then life would become more difficult for the common man of the working class.

So, we favor the second school of thought, history is the evidence that human beings has been replaced by machines during the industrial revolution and they would eventually get replaced  by robots and machines in the near future, because  AI is making progress at a great pace. Here we will give you a brief description how AI has replaced us partially and how it would replace us completely in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Occupying Job Market

Kai-FuLee, who is a pioneer in AI said; “AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind.” Like many other fields it would affect the job market as well, as Lee  predicted that AI would replace 40% of the job market in the next 15 years.

The job opportunities for humans would be decreased in the near future as the world is investing in AI and searching for robots and machines to increase productivity. According to Tractica, the annual global revenue for AI products and services will grow from $643.7 million in 2016 to $36.8 billion by 2025. 

artificial intelligence news
Source Tractica

Apart from the investment in AI, $67 billion will be spent in the fields of robotics and it would ultimately fuel unemployment in the world as most of the tasks will be performed by the robots. It would not only replace workers in the future, but it has already replaced humans in many fields.  There are robots working as waiters, newscasters and anchors. Apart from this, robots are helping professionals in many fields such as health, education, business and defense and it is affecting the job market for workers and helpers.

No doubt, AI will do miracles in our lives and it will create ease, but its perks would be limited for the bourgeoisie (Elite class) and the proletariat class (Working class) will again face the negative  repercussions. MNCs are developing their AI and robotics expertise to increase efficiency, add value propositions and above all to cut the costs. In fact, the process of AI development will increase the earning and efficiency of MNCs, but it will lead to the unemployment of thousands of workers, who are working in these companies. Therefore, the development of AI is a celebration for the elite class, and not for the common population of the World.

Replacement is Leading to Isolation

The scientists have developed technology for elderly people to assist them at home, and with that technology they can order food, watch TV and consult a doctor, just with their fingertips. It has provided them with all the facilities, but these machines lack empathy and emotions for them. Therefore, despite having facilities in life and having an access to advanced technology, human beings are feeling isolated.  

To sum up the entire debate, it can be said that AI was developed to create ease in our lives, but it created the fear of being replaced by machines. Though it has advantages, but they are enjoyed by a limited population of the world. The corporate sector and MNCs would enjoy its benefits, but at the cost of exploitation of working class. Apart from financial repercussions, AI is leading the mankind towards isolation. Though machines can provide us with food, health facilities and entertainment, but they would not give us company, emotions and worthy empathetic feelings 

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