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Huawei Launches its own Operating System to Rival Android

Huawei Operating System

Huawei Operating System; The Chinese company, Huawei launches its own operating system to rival Android. As the company faced the threat of losing access to the android system amid the US-China trade war. The head of the Huawei consumer’s business held the press conference and said that Huawei launches its own operating system and the new system would bring more harmony and convenience to the world.

The decision was much needed as there is a trade war between the US and China and the US threatened the company to remove its access to Google’s Android operating system. YU, the head of the company said that the new Huawei Operating System would be more smooth and secure and would be completely different from Google’s Android operating system.

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Huawei said that the Huawei Operating System would be launched at the end of the year. However, YU said, “If you’re asking when will we apply this to the smartphone, we can do it at any time,” he further added that they give a priority to use Google’s Android operating system as it is compatible to use. “However, if we cannot use it (Google’s Android) in the future, we would shift towards our own operating system”, he said.

Huawei is considered as the leader in the fastest fifth-generation (5G) technology and the second-largest producer of smartphones in the world. The company has been blacklisted by the US president, Donald Trump, and was being accused to provide a backdoor for Chinese intelligence agencies. However, the company denied the allegations.

As the company is blacklisted by the US government, the American companies are no longer allowed to sell technology products to the firm, but the US government granted a three months exemption period that would end the next week. However, Beijing is not happy with the US decision of blacklisting and called the decision as an “abuse of the state power.”

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