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The 10 Best Things to do in Copenhagen Denmark

Best Things to do in Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen is an exciting city where everyone finds their accounts. The capital of Denmark and is the largest city in the country. It is frequently at the head of the most pleasant cities to live in the world and offers its visitors a vibrant culture, including world-class museums. You will find colorful traditional buildings everywhere, while its palaces and castles with remarkable architecture add a touch of grandeur. For things to do in Copenhagen, here’re our recommendations of the 10 best things to do in Copenhagen.

The 10 best things to do in Copenhagen

1. Nyhavn

things to do in Copenhagen

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Copenhagen, chances are you’ve already seen Nyhavn. This magnificent district full of character is defined by the canal which crosses it and owes its fame to its city houses of the XVII. It was built between 1670 and 1673 by King Christian V.

The canal connected the sea to the old city center and was famous for its somewhat shady comings and goings, Today, it is the attraction not to be missed in Copenhagen. It is helpful to come there to take the time to walk around, enjoy a beer or a meal, listen to live music or admire the architecture and historic boats.

2. Tivoli Gardens

best things to do in Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens

Despite its name, Tivoli is not just a garden; it is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen. Halfway between the amusement park and the garden. This historical curiosity has been open since 1843 and is today the fifth most visited theme park in Europe.

There’s plenty for kids to do, but adults won’t be bored either, with the roller coasters and thrill rides, music, and entertainment, all of the course surrounded by beautiful gardens. Tivoli is particularly famous for its wooden roller coasters built in 1914, which are among the oldest still in operation.

3. Rosenborg Castle

best things to do in Copenhagen
Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle is located in the King’s Garden in central Copenhagen. This castle was built between 1606 and 1624 to serve as a summer residence for King Christian IV. The Danish Renaissance architecture is magnificent from the outside, and inside. You will find sumptuous corridors and rooms, the Danish Crown Jewels as well as the royal attributes are exposed.

In good weather, don’t forget to take the time to stroll through the beautiful gardens and stay for the changing of the guard.

4. Christiansborg Palace

best things to do in Copenhagen
Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace has the scale, and grandeur one expects from a palace and should be on your list of things to do in Copenhagen. It is not only the seat of the Danish Parliament but also serves the Danish monarch. Built between 1907 and 1928.

This palace is not as old as the other curiosities of the city and combines the baroque, neoclassical and neo-baroque styles. Buy a ticket that will allow you to access many areas of the palace, such as the kitchens, stables and royal rooms.

5. National Museum of Denmark

best things to do in Copenhagen
National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum is more extensive than it looks, and you could spend whole days there if you wanted to explore every corner. Suffice it to say that this museum is the largest museum of cultural history in the country.

It offers all its visitors a global view of Danish history and culture, that it presents many antiques tracing 14,000 years ago history, from the Ice Age to today. Don’t miss this Copenhagen landmark if you want to learn more about what shaped the people of Denmark.

6. Frederiksberg Gardens

best things to do in Copenhagen
Frederiksberg Gardens

Frederiksberg is one of the largest park areas in Copenhagen. It is enjoyable to walk there when one wishes to stop a little to roam the streets. Work at Frederiksberg began in 1699, and the English-style gardens were designed as romantic landscapes.

Today, this vast park is perfect for walks or picnics in summer. Besides, it has many surprises in store: canals and lakes with islands, many birds live there. You will also find caves and waterfalls water, a Chinese summer house and more!

7. Church of Our Savior

best things to do in Copenhagen
Church of Our Savior

The strong point of the Church of Our Savior is probably its incredible bell tower. You can climb to the top of this tower to have an astonishing view of the whole city! Completed in 1695 in Danish Baroque style. This beautiful church was completed in 1752 when its spiral spire was erected on the tower.

If you climb the 400 or so steps to the top of the tower, you will see the belfry. The chime, which is the largest in northern Europe, plays magnificent music every hour from 8 a.m. to midnight.

8. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Things to do in copenhagen denmark
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Although the National Museum of Fine Arts is located in Copenhagen. It is this art museum that generally receives the best reviews. Its name may remind you of a specific beer. The collection of this art museum was built around the group of Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of the Carlsberg brewery.

The main subject is the sculptures, especially the ancient statues of Egypt, Rome, and Greece. It is also renowned for its French art collection including works by Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, and Cézanne.

9. Rundetaarn (Round Tower)

top things to do in Copenhagen
Rundetaarn (Round Tower)

If you love to see the cities from above, you need to add Rundetaarn to your list of things to do in Copenhagen. Its name means Tour Ronde, and it is at the heart of one of the most beautiful architectures in the city, offering you a magnificent view of the roofs, towers and bell towers in all directions.

It was built between 1635 and 1642 on the orders of King Christian IV. If you don’t mind having to climb to the top of the tower, the effort is worth it.

10. Amalienborg

best things to do in Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace is the residence of the Danish royal family and is open to the public. Consisting of four buildings, all facing a sizeable octagonal interior courtyard. This is not the first palace to be found here.

Rococo style, it was built between 1750 and 1760. As a visitor, you will find in one of the buildings a museum of royal life while outside. The change of guard ceremony is always interesting to see.

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