Home Health Am I Overweight ? Health Risks of Overweight and obesity

Am I Overweight ? Health Risks of Overweight and obesity

Health Risks of Overweight

One of the perks of our modern lifestyle is Overweight. It is a chronic disease and Health Risks of Overweight are not unknown to anyone. People around the world are facing the problem of being overweight.

According to a survey, 35% of women, 31% of males and 15% of children are facing the problem of overweight in the USA. Lack of physical activity and poor diet are the primary reasons behind the problem. However, genetics is another important factor to cause obesity and overweight.

Due to the severe health risks of overweight you should regularly monitor your weight, for this purpose, you can use our free Health Gadgets  BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) CALCULATOR and IDEAL BODY WEIGHT CALCULATOR

Health Risks of Overweight

Overweight Health Risks

High Blood Pressure

it is important to know that Overweight causes additional tissues on the body and these tissues require more oxygen and nutrients in order to live and it causes load on blood vessels to circulate blood in the body. More blood circulation causes more load on blood arteries and pressure on the artery walls causes high blood pressure in the body of overweight people.

High Blood Pressure due to Overweight
High Blood Pressure – Health Risks of Overweight

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Obesity is one of the reasons for type II diabetes. In this type, obesity and fat cells cause resistance to insulin. When the resistance happens the blood sugar level elevates and causes diabetes in the affected person.

Diabetes due to Overweight
Diabetes – Health Risks of Overweight

Atherosclerosis is a disease of hardening of the arteries and it is present 10 times more in obese people than the people who are not overweight. Coronary artery disease is also common in overweight people.

Joint Problems

Problems like joint pains are common in overweight people, they often face pain in their knees and hip joints because of the stress placed on the joints by extra weight.

Joint Problems-Health Risks of Overweight
Joint Problems – Health Risks of Overweight

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a problem that causes people to stop breathing for a short period of time is caused by obesity and overweight. It interrupts sleep during the night.


People who are having the problem of obesity have more risks of cancer than the people who have a normal weight according to their BMI.

Cancer – Health Risks of Overweight

Psychological Effects

In our culture, the standard of the ideal physique is overly thin and the people who have the issue of obesity face many disadvantages in this regard. Body shaming is common in modern culture and it brings a lot of psychological issues for the affected person. 

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