Health Care and Nutrition Tips

Health Care and Nutrition Tips

Health Care and Nutrition Tips

Fitness is easy to achieve and maintain by following a healthy lifestyle , by following some Health Care and Nutrition tips. A healthy lifestyle is a blend of balanced diet and exercise. However, people often follow the shortcuts and crash diets that led them to health issues and fitness problems.

Health Care and Nutrition Tips

If you are a beginner in the journey of fitness, here are some important tips for you.

  • Take all the important NUTRIENTS in balanced proportion.
  • Take NATURAL sweets such as honey, dates and other fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Be serious about Health, Nutrition & Mental health
  • Avoid ARTIFICIAL sweeteners.
  • Avoid taking REFINED Carbs.
  • Take NUTS as they have high nutrient value.
  • AVOID artificial trans fat.
  • Take healthy SNACKS such as roasted grams, dates, fruits, dry fruits.
  • Don’t eat too much CARBS at dinner.
  • Eat vegetables and white meat.
  • Drink unsweetened Milk, Tea and Coffee.
  • Don’t set NON ACHIEVABLE goals in your fitness journey.
  • Prefer workout in MORNING.
  • Always listen to your BODY need.
  • Don’t PANIC if your scale is not moving down.
  • Have enough SLEEP.

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