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Diplomatic Success of Pakistan at SCO Summit 2019

Pakistan at SCO Summit 2019

The 19th SCO summit was held in Kryghstan and PM, Imran Khan attended the summit. It was the Diplomatic Success of Pakistan at SCO Summit 2019. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), or Shanghai Pact, is a Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance. Moreover, SCO is a successful regional organization and the platform is vital for Pakistan. Pakistan and India are facing tensions these days and both of these countries are the new members of SCO. The platform provides an opportunity for both of these states to resume the dialogue and to initiate diplomatic engagements. As foreign minister of Pakistan said that Pakistan, being a peace loving nation would always welcome the dialogue and negotiations.

Moreover, apart from diplomatic engagements with India, Pakistan utilizes the platform to engage with its all weather friend, China. Pakistan said that CPEC is a flagship project for the region and it would be fruitful for the region as a whole. Additionally, Prime Minister of Pakistan said Thanks to China to help Pakistan in a crucial financial situation.

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Diplomatic Engagements with Different Member States of SCO

The images of PM, Imran Khan and President Putin caught the attention of the world. Prime Minister of Pakistan had informal talks with president Putin on the sideline of SCO summit. According to thenews.com.pk,  “PM Imran Khan takes centre stage, Narendra Modi snubbed at SCO”. In an interview, PM of Pakistan said that Pakistan is considering the purchase of weapons from Russia, In the present scenario of global politics, when the alliances are shifting, the closer ties of Pakistan and Russia could send a strong message to the friends and foes of Pakistan.

SCO is a platform in which all the Central Asian States (CARS) have representation, These energy rich states are vital for Pakistan to fulfill its energy needs and in return Pakistan is attracted for them on account of its Gwadar port, CARS could access the warm waters of the Gawadar port for their exports.

Engagements with Investors

In addition to the individual diplomatic engagements with different member states of SCO, PM of Pakistan fully utilized the platform to attract the investment from the world. PM said that Pakistan is an attracted country for investment and rich in resources. While talking about his country, he said, “Our other endowments include a vast pool of skilled human resource, a large agrarian base, tremendous tourism potential, diverse mineral wealth, and a developed IT infrastructure.” Dawn. Moreover, PM of Pakistan utilized the platform to send a message of Peace and to highlight the efforts of Pakistan in War against Terrorism. further, he said that Pakistan is the only country who turned the tide against terrorism. Additionally, He said that Pakistan wants peace and reconciliation with Afghanistan and military means are not the solution for the Afghan conflict. 

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