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Hajj Sermon Delivers the Message of Kindness to the Umaah

Mufti Sheikh bin Hassan Al Hassan gave the sermon of Hajj in Masjid Nimra at Arfat on Saturday.Hajj Sermon Delivers the Message of Kindness to the Umaah. During the sermon, Mufti said that we should treat people with kindness. He urged the people to treat their parents with kindness and take good care of their health. The acts of kindness bring peace and harmony in the society. Therefore, to bring peace in the world the Hajj Sermon Delivers the Message of Kindness to the Umaah.

In addition to the message of kindness he urged Muslims to firmly hold the rope of Allah. He said, “Whoever hold the rope of Allah will succeed in life. He delivers the message of peace as well and said that Islam is a religion of peace. Two million Muslim pilgrims were present to hear the sermon of Hajj and to perform the obligation of Hajj.

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Hajj is one of the fifth  pillar of Islam. It is obligatory for every Muslim to perform Hajj in his lifetime if he is healthy enough and have means to do it. Thousands of faithful had spent the night under stars on the prayer rugs and asked forgiveness and mercy from Allah.

The pilgrims were satisfied with the management and administration. During the Hajj, helicopters criss-crossed over the heads for security purpose. At Arafat, trucks were parked at regular intervals, distributed water bottles and meals to the pilgrims.

However, the sermon of Hajj is not the last pillar of the Hajj. After the sunset, pilgrims make their way down mount from Arafat to Muzdalifah, its another holy site and at this place they spent their night under stars to perform the last ritual of the Hajj that is “stoning of the devil.” Hence, it marked the beginning of the Eid-ul-Azha, the festival of Sacrifise.

Hajj is indeed an important ritual for Muslims and the message of kindness that is delivered at the Hajj sermon is important for the Umaah because, Muslims are divided and facing many social problems because of intolerance and lack of kindness. Therefore, it is need of hour for the Muslims to act upon the message of Hajj sermon.

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