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WWII Facts; WW2 Fighter planes – WW2 Bombers & WW2 Navy Planes

WWII Facts

The instability after WWI and the failure of the League of Nations set the stage for WW2. WW2 broke out after the two decades of WWI and this was even more devastating and destructive than the first World War. There were different factors behind the second world war. However, every student of history knows about the causes, factors, and history of WW2, but there are some unknown WWII facts such as WW2 Fighter planes, WW2 General, and WW2 Navy Planes.

Therefore we try to uncover those unknown facts and information with our readers with interests in history. This piece of writing will tell you about World War II Facts; WW2 Fighter planes, WW2 General, WW2 Navy Planes

WW2 Fighter Planes | WW2 American Fighter Planes | WW2 Bombers

The use of airpower tremendously increased in WWII and the size of the American military aviation rose from 25,00 airplanes to 300,000 till the end of the war. Here is a list of the WW2 Fighter Planes.

Name of Fighter Plane Country
Armstrong Whitworth Scimitar UK
Bleriot-Spad S.510 France
Boeing P-12 USA
Bristol Bulldog UK
Curtiss Hawk II USA
Fiat CR.30 Italy
Kawasaki Ki-10 Japan
Kochyerigin DI-6 USSR
Koolhoven F.K.52 Netherlands
Grumman Goblin USA

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WW2 Generals WW2 Facts

Country Name of General Armed Force
UK Allan Broke Army
UK Charles Portal Air Force
UK Andrew Cunningham Navy
France Charles de Gaulle Army
France Francois Darlan Navy
US George Marshall Army
US Ernest King Navy
US Henry Arnold Air Force
USSR Georgy Zhukov Army
USSR Ivan Isakov Navy
USSR Sergei Khudyakov Air Force
Germany Wilhelm Keitel Army
Germany Herman Goring Air Force
Germany Erich Raeder Navy
Italy Pietro Badoglio Army
Italy Arturo Riccardi Navy
Japan Hideki Tojo Army
Japan Osami Nagano Navy

WW2 Navy PlanesWW2 Facts

Navy Planes Category
Aichi D3A Dive Bomber
Aichi E13A Naval Reconnaissance Floatplane Aircraft
Aichi M6A Submarine-based Floatplane Aircraft
Blackburn B2.0 Flying Boat
Blackburn B.48 Naval Strike Fighter
Blackburn (ROC) Navy Dive bomber
Bolhm and Voss Ha Sea Plane
Curtiss SO3C Observation Float Plane
Douglas Navy Bomber Aircraft
Arado Shipborne Floatplane

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