Home Nations History Who Discovered the America First? Really Christopher Columbus Discovered America First in 1492?

Who Discovered the America First? Really Christopher Columbus Discovered America First in 1492?

Who Discovered the America First?

Some questions which everyone has in their mind about American history, Who Discovered the America First? Christopher Columbus discovered America? Who visited America before Columbus? What did Christopher Columbus actually discover? Here, you are going to find the answers to all these questions in this article. let’s start…

Really Christopher Columbus discovered America first?

Who Discovered the America First? Until recently we might think that we know the answer: Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and reached in the new land of America in 1492. The research in northern Newfoundland showed that Norse settlements were there even before 1000 A.D.  Therefore, it is clear that the Norse settlers came there 500 years before Columbus who discovered America first.

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Who Discovered America First Before Columbus?

Where these Settlers Came to America? There is no empirical evidence about when these Indians reached America, but historians guess that they came 2000 to 5,000 years ago. The scholars agree that they came from Asia and entered America through Alaska and Siberia.

How was the life of Early Settlers.?

The early settlers who were Indians lived by hunting, fishing and gathering fruits. They lived over both North and South America and they had diverse cultures.

Indian Civilizations in America

There were three different civilizations of Indians in America. These were Maya, Inca, and Aztec. The people of these civilizations were farmers. Corn was the central crop at that time. The Priest and rulers used to live in cities and farmers lived around the cities, where they supplied food and crops. They had knowledge, they were mathematicians, astrologers, and builders. They could build 17 story buildings.

Who Discovered the America
Really Christopher Columbus discovered America?

What Happened to Early Settlers?

These early settlers faced harsh climate, food shortages, diseases, and invaders. On account of all these reasons, the downfall of the civilizations was started, but their heritage is still present today.

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