American Culture and Lifestyle; Custom, Traditions, Food, Politics and Gender Roles in American Society

American Culture and Lifestyle
American Culture


An Anthropologist defines the culture and says, ” culture encompasses religion, food, what we wear, how we wear it, our language, marriage and music, what we believe is right or wrong, how we sit at the table and how we greet our visitors, how we behaved with our loved ones and million other things” ( Live Science ). If you are searching for American culture definitely, you are searching, What kind of society is America? What is considered American culture? American Culture and Lifestyle; Custom, Traditions, Food, Politics & US political parties, Gender Roles in American Society.

American Culture and Lifestyle

American culture and Lifestyle comprises of all the above mentioned ingredients and it is one of the most culturally diverse state in the world, it is because of the immigrants from other countries. Though President Trump started anti-immigrants policies and announced to close the borders of the United States, but despite this a new immigrant enter in the US in every 3 seconds.

In addition to the recent immigrant waves, the diversity of American culture has historical basis as well. The retrospective analyses of the American history make it clear that the American Culture is shaped by the English colonizers, Native Americans, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians and therefore, evolve to its present shape. This blog will help you to know more about the American culture.


The unique thing about the US is, there is no official language of the country, however, most of the business is conducted in English. Almost all the languages of the world are spoken in the US. According to an estimate, 300 languages are spoken in the United states of America.

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As America is a democratic country, therefore, the society enjoys religious freedom and almost every religion of the world is practiced in the country. However, the majority of its population is Christian and 23% of its population has no religious affiliation.

Clothing and Lifestyle

Lifestyle of American population varies according to socio-economic status of the people. While, dressing style of the American people is highly influenced by the media and fashion industry. However, jeans, sneakers and cowboy caps associate with the American culture.

Clothing and Lifestyle

American Food

Food culture of America is “Junk culture”, a lot of junk food items associates with the American food such as; hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips and macaroni.

American Food

The Arts

American dramas and movies are popular around the world. Television industry started in America in  early 1950s. Apart from Tv shows, American movies are also popular in the world and Hollywood is in California, US.

American Politics

The republic of the United States of America composes federal government and 50 states. Two party politics dominates the country politics; Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are generally conservatives in their political ideology and they are against abortions and gay rights. While, on the other hand, Democrats are liberal in their political outlook and support the social organizations that work for the environment, minorities and women’s rights.

American Politics

In addition to the two party system, another notable thing is, three branches of the government and these are the executive, legislative and judicial. The executive branch includes the President and federal government agencies, the legislative branch includes the members of the upper and lower house of congress while the judicial branch consists of the supreme court of the US. However, All of these three branches work according to the constitution of the US and there is a principle of “check and balance” against the abuse of power.

Gender Roles

“Women enjoy equal rights in the US”, this is just a beautiful slogan and just a theory, the ground realities are quite different from it. Women generally get low pay jobs and their representation in political offices is far less than their proportion of the population. On account of all these discrimination, they live a life in poverty and suffering.

Festivals in America

American society celebrates different festival such as Halloween on 31st October, Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November and Christmas eve/day on 24 and 25th December respectively. Whole country celebrates these festivals, however, there are other festivals as well that belong to the different religions and ethnicities and celebrations of these are generally not at the state level.

Festivals in America - American Culture and Lifestyle
Festivals in America

Social Taboos

Every culture has some taboos and society generally does not want to talk about them. Therefore, if you are in America, do not discuss race, religion and sex, do not discuss the rights of abortion and do not swear. 

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