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The US and Iran News; If the US and Iran Hardliners Meet, Allies Will Stand in Their Way 2020

US and Iran News; US-Iran Relations

US and Iran News: President Trump and the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are scheduled to be in New York to attend the annual session of the UN General Assembly. There are speculations that they might meet on the sidelines of the meeting to de-escalate the tensions between the two countries. According to the history of the US and Iran News, If the US-Iran hardliners want to meet, both the domestic and foreign allies will Stand in their way and both will have to bear the strong reaction from their allies at home and at foreign front. The choice will be tough specifically for president Trump.

President Trump could surprise the world by meeting the Iranian President as he met with the North Korean leader amid tensions and he is negotiating with the unsavory groups such as the Afghan Taliban. He did not root out the chances of meeting with Iran as he said, “If the circumstances were correct, were right, I would certainly agree to that.”  US and Iran News

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But as Trump agreed for a dialogue with Rouhani, it might reduce the tensions between the two but the president will definitely face the opposition from its allies. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s ever-loyal secretary of state have opposed the deal that the US has signed with Iran during Obama’s regime and he had made a list of 12 strict demands that Iran has to fulfill under the nuclear deal. Therefore, he might not be happy with the proposal for the meeting.

Apart from the home front, Trump’s foreign allies will not support the meeting because his allies in the middle back the President on account of his hard stance with Iran. In addition to the Middle East countries, Israel, the closest ally of the US will express the deep concerns over the meeting. Amid these concerns, Trump made it clear that if he meets with Iranian president he would meet without preconditions.

The US is not alone in facing the opposition for its meeting with the Iranian President. Perhaps the biggest obstacle in the meeting is not Washington but in Tehran. According to the US and Iran News The Iranian supreme leader, Ayatullah Khomeini, has repeatedly rejected Trump’s personal diplomacy. Though the Iranian President and foreign minister are moderators, they require Khumini’s approval before the major moves.

However, President Rouhani clearly said, “We’re not interested in photos. If someone wants to have their photo taken w/ Hassan Rouhani, it’s not going to happen. It’s possible with PhotoShop — but not in reality. Unless they remove all the sanctions — then there will be a new situation for us to consider.”

Amid these claims and statements, the world is closely watching the UN General assembly session, however, the happenings would reveal the facts, either the world would get a surprise from the two hardliners or not.

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