The Success of Pakistan in War Against Terrorism

The unfortunate incident of 9/11 happened and the world has seen the emergence of radical Islamist ideology and the phenomenon of terrorism spread in the world. In response to the terrorist attacks, the US started the global war against terrorism in Afghanistan, and it was the first war theater. Pakistan, as an ally of the US joined the global war against terrorism in 2001. Pakistan played the role of front line state against terrorism and it is one of the most affected state.

The Success of Pakistan in War Against Terrorism UN Restores Pakistan's Status As “Family Station”

United Nations declared Islamabad as “Family station”.

Pakistan gave great sacrifices in War against terrorism, its economy suffered, 35,000 soldiers of Pakistan armed forces embraced Shahadat from 2001 to 2011, civilian population was targeted, suicide attacks increased  and Pakistan had to launch military operations in its tribal areas. On account of all these sacrifices, today, Pakistan is the only country that is a success story against terrorism. The world has acknowledged the success of Pakistan against terrorism.

As the United Nations, after comprehensive security review, declared Islamabad as “Family station” for its staff. Foreign Minister of Pakistan warmly welcomed the decision and said in his Tweet, ” Good news! Based on comprehensive security review, UN restores Islamabad’s status as family station for its international staff. I warmly welcome the decision. The armed forces of Pakistan equally welcomed the decision and DGISPR regarded the news as “tangible acknowledgment” of the improved security environment.

Operation “Zrab-e-Azb” and operation “Rad ul Fasad”

The tribal areas of Pakistan were the most affected areas in the war against terrorism. Pakistan launched operation “Zrab-e-Azb” and operation “Rad ul Fasad” to counter the menace of terrorism and got success. Tribal areas of Pakistan are now witnessing a transition towards peace and the process of rehabilitation is started in the areas. During the past few years the foreign delegations visited the area and acknowledged the success of Pakistan armed forces. Russian military delegation visited the area and appreciated the achievements of Pakistan against terrorism. Normal life activities are back to the tribal areas. FATA has been main streamed and IDPs are settled in their areas. The state of Pakistan is building infrastructure in the affected areas to make them stable.

The cost of the war against terrorism, paid by Pakistan was much higher than that of any other country, but the success achieved by the country has no parallel, even the super power remained relatively failed to defeat the menace of terrorism from the two war theaters i.e. Afghanistan and Iraq. After bearing sacrifices against terrorism, it is the time to show the world that Pakistan is the only country to defeat terrorism from its soil.  

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