What to Wear this Summer; Fashion Trends for Women in 2019


Summer Fashion Trends for Women in 2019 Fashion Trends for Women in 2019

Fashion Trends for Women

Everyone¬†wants to wear the trendy and stylish outfits and, follow the recent trends and fashion. People design their wardrobe on the basis of what is in and what is out. Therefore, in this article ” Summer Fashion Trends for Women in 2019″ we are giving you a brief idea of fashion trends of different fashion industries.

Fashion Trends of West

This summer, fashion industry of the west is offering a wide range of ideas for the women. From the 80s floral prints to the white top and maxi dresses everything is in fashion. Here is a list of all the trendy ideas of the western fashion industry.

The Hair Tie

Hairstyle is important in your looks. Therefore, feel free to choose the hair accessories and the hair tie is in fashion this summer.

Hair Tie

The Maxi Dress

A colorful, long maxi frock will give you a classic look and it will enhance your personality. Give it a try to enjoy the structured summary feelings. 


Loose trouser is in trend this summer. It is light weight and easy to carry in the heat of summer. It looks good with the top and short frock.

Loose trouser

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The 80s Top

The 80s top is again in trend and it should be on the list of your “must try” outfits. It will give you a summary look and looks good with the trouser. You can try floral prints as well as plain stuff in top. However, floral prints will look cool in this type of outfits.

The Little Floral and Leopard Prints

The trends in printed dresses change every year. This year little floral and leopard prints are in trend. You may try floral in top and leopard prints on long maxi dresses.

Fashion Trends in Pakistan

The fashion industry of Pakistan  brings new trends and ideas for summer outfits. Here we will give you a quick recap of recent trends and fashion about women’s wear.

Heavy Dupatas

This summer heavy dupatas are in fashion. Designers are designing dupattas with laces, embroidary, block prints and gotas to add glam to your outfit. These dupattas suit on heavy as well as light dresses. You can buy a plain dupatta and apply all these accessories on your dupatta to give it a trendy look.


Medium Length Shirts

Medium length shirts are in fashion this summer. You can carry these shirts with loose trousers or pants.

 Straight Kurtas

If you are looking for elegant and timeless classic look, then designers have introduced straight kurtas for you. These kurtas are best outfit  for summers this year. You can carry them trousers and pants.

Fashion Trends in India


The traditional shararas are back in fashion. You can try these shararas with Kurta and top. You can carry it with or without dupatta. It will give you a traditional and classic look.


Palazzos with Long Jackets

They are easy to wear and best for summers. You can wear top, Kurta or a long jacket with these palazzos. Though they are western in looks, but you can obviously carry them with your Indian kurtas and tops and jackets.  

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