A human chain of Greenpeace UK Climate protesters wearing red t-shirts protesters attempt to block Boris Johnson motorcade near Buckingham Palace. Suddenly human chain of protesters appeared and stopped Boris Johnson’s car when he went to meet the Queen. However, police officers of the convoy cleared the road moving the protesters away and made the way for PM Mr Johnson’s convoy to pass.  

Greenpeace UK is an Organization, defending the natural world and promoting peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and providing responsible solutions for our fragile environment. Moreover, when Britain’s new prime minister “Boris Johnson” was invited by Queen to visit Buckingham Palace a protest message was projected onto the monarch’s London residence calling the the new PM a “liar” . The words “Your Majesty your new prime minster is a LIAR” were cast onto the front of the famed palace early in the morning. The message also having Johnson’s image holding up a kipper, a small, oily fish. Moreover the fish cured by splitting it open and salting, burning or smoking it.

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